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Our Dental Career Employment Include:


Dental Hygienists

Dental assistants (Level I and Level II)


Treatment Coordinators


Our Health Career Employment Include:


Personal Support Workers (PSW)

Registered Nurses

Relief Staff




Welcome to RB HealthCare Solutions. This document will outline our Code of Conduct, Temporary and permanent placements, and our policies and procedures.

Please read this carefully and be sure you are aware of all our policies and procedures. There is no fee to register with us but we expect that you will follow our policies and procedures.



What We Expect from you


We expect that you will act in a professional manner when working with us and with any dental office we send you to. Our focus is to provide a professional service and it is important that you keep the following things in mind:


  • You are responsible for communicating with us, communication is your obligation. If we reach out to you we expect a reply, no matter what. We understand that everyone is busy but if you are using our service to look for work then we expect you to be able to reply to us in a timely manner. We also expect you to keep us informed of any changes that occur during the hiring process or any communication that you have with one of our offices. It may seem as though it is not important to keep us in the loop about minor changes such as accept another job offer, you are unable to work or go for an interview due to illness, or have contact with one of our dental offices for any reason. One of our offices may also tell you that they will be in touch with us so you may feel that you don’t need to have to let us know about something. We ask that you please always inform us and not rely on communication from the office. As one of our applicant, your responsibility and loyalty is to RB HealthCare Solutions and not to one of our offices until the point you have been hired for a permanent position.
  • You must keep your contact information updated such as your resume and other contact information any time that it changes.
  • You must respect our privacy and confidentiality. There may be times where we feel it is necessary to inform you of something or to give you more information about a situation. Anything we impart to you should be kept strictly confidential.

What You Can Expect from us

                You can expect that from the time you register with us, we will endeavor to communicate with you about our services and do whatever we can to provide you temporary and permanent employment. We will provide you with any information you need such as contact information for the offices and details about a position. We will communicate with you regularly and update you when we have any information or when an office contacts us about a permanent position that you have applied to or interviewed for.

We will respect your privacy and confidentiality, anything you say to us will be kept strictly confidential.


Should you have any emergency due to illness or accident on the way to your placement or an interview, please call or email us and the office to let us know what has happened and when you expect to arrive or if we need to send a replacement. Communication is the key.


If any of our dental office(s) offers you another temp shift(s) or offers permanent position, advise them to contact the RB HealthCare Solutions directly to book the shifts or discuss the permanent position opportunity. All shifts must be booked directly with RB HealthCare Solutions and permanent hire also must be done through RBHCS. Please inform RB HealthCare Solutions when our dental office(s) offers you temp shift or permanent position.


Temporary Placements are for periods of work that are temporary for example 1 to 4 days but may be scheduled for few weeks.

Permanent Placements are for periods of work that are permanent and may be part time or full time or a longer contract to replace sick/mat leave for durations of more than few weeks.

  • We will review your resume and send you an email describing a position and once you inform us that you are interested in the positon, we will forward your resume to the dental office. Contact RB HealthCare Solutions immediately to let us know if you have been in contact with the office to set up an interview. Continue to update us throughout the hiring process especially if you are asked to come in for a working interview- we must confirm all working interviews with you including the date, start and end times, and the wage you have agreed to be paid before the interview takes place. Speak with us before you accept any positon or agree to a contract or hiring documents from any of our offices.

Pay for working interviews, temporary placement and permanent placements:


You are almost always paid directly by the dental office for whom you perform work, you should provide any dental office you work for with an invoice for your work. You will normally be paid at the end of your shift if you are working just for one day. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive compensation for your work and that your compensation is correct. For any reasons if you have not received any outstanding payment due to you after one week, please contact us.

For Permanent Placements we will confirm the rate of pay, start date, hours, and responsibilities with you and the dental office, once the dental office has paid a permanent placement fee to us you become their employee. You will be paid according to their payroll schedule which will be discussed with you prior to finalizing the hire.


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