Employers / Placement Policy


Permanent Placement Positions

Part time/Full time/Contract Positions:

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Temporary Assignments:

Rate per Day with Notice:         $ 60 + HST                              

Rate per day same day notice:  $ 65 + HST                       


                                                                     Temp Shift Cancellation Policy

      $30 cancellation fee will be billed to the client if a temporary shift is cancelled after being
      booked and confirmed unless it is due to weather conditions or emergency situations.
      If a client cancels a temporary shift after a candidate has been booked and confirmed with less
      than 24 hours’ notice, candidate must be paid at least 3 hours’ pay.
      Late payment charge of 5% interest will be charged per month if invoices are not paid within
      due date

*The temporary staff will provide you with an invoice at the end of his/her shift with all the details. Candidates must be paid for a minimum of 6 hours if original shift booked is 7 or more hours long
regardless of the cancellation unless the original shift is less than 6 hours. We recommend that temp staff should be paid on the same day, please inform us at the time of registering if your office have different payment policy*

* All shifts must be booked directly with the RB HealthCare if office prefers specific staff and like to book them back, office must notify RB HealthCare Solutions after booking and confirming the shift directly with the temp staff.

Payment Terms
Invoices are issued by email and are due immediately upon receipt.

Payment Options
Visa, MasterCard.
Email transfer or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • Fees  subject to change without notice.