Employers / Placement Policy


Permanent Placement Positions

Part time/Full time/Contract Positions:

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Temporary Assignments:

Rate per Day with Notice:                                       $ 50 + HST

Rate per day with one day notice:                           $ 55 + HST

Rate per day same day notice:                                $ 65 + HST

**The temporary staff will provide you with an invoice at the end of his/her shift which will have the hourly rate and the hours they worked. They will also provide whatever contact information is required in order for you to send their payment.  Most of the temporary staff prefers to be paid at the end of the shift by cheque or email transfer. We would encourage you to pay them as soon as possible. **

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

After a client agrees to retain the services of the RB HealthCare Solutions the Deposit will be invoiced and is due upon receipt. Upon Hiring our candidate, the balance owing will be invoiced and is due within a week.

If a client cancels the job order, the Deposit will not be credited or refunded.

If a client cancels a temporary assignment after a candidate has been booked and confirmed a $ 30 cancellation fee will be charged for each cancelled placement.

If a client cancels a temporary assignment after a candidate has been booked and confirmed with less than 24 hours notice, candidate must be paid at least 4 hours’ pay.

There is late payment charge of 5% interested per month on any unpaid past invoices.

Candidate Referrals and Resume Policy

Should a client hire a previous RB HealthCare Solutions candidate within one year of the initial interview, without going through The RB HealthCare Solutions, the client/employer is obligated to pay the total permanent hire fee.

Should a client refer a RB HealthCare Solutions candidate to a third party, this renders the original client liable for payment of our total permanent hire fee.

All candidates interviewed based on a RB HealthCare Solutions recommendation will be subject to the full permanent hire fee regardless of whether or not the client previously received the candidate’s resume.

Payment Terms
Invoices are issued by email and are due immediately upon receipt.

Payment Options
Visa, MasterCard.
Email transfer or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)